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KIPP Conway Homes

Project Details

Location: Stockton, CA

Square Feet: 14,335

Delivery: Design-Assist

Categories: Education, Current Projects

 KIPP will operate a public school at Conway Homes – a public housing project located in South Stockton – both to bring a high-quality educational option to Conway Homes families and to help catalyze change for the community.

This project is divided into three phases:

1. Demolition of existing site features, utilities and maintenance buildings.
2. Site work and preparation for the installation of nine 960SF modular classrooms and relocation of two existing modular classrooms.
3. Construction of a new 3,775SF multi-purpose building.

Otto Construction and PBK have been collaborating to finalize the design and provide cost-saving solution. Phase 1 is site work and construction is currently in progress, with phases 2 and 3 still in design.

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